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Committed to light and colours

Welcome to my website. My name is Torill Roselin and I am a practising visual artist based on an island in the South of Norway. I have created art since I was little.

Since June 2020 I have been painting full-time in my own studio.

My goal is to inspire and promote positive emotions and relations

through colours and design.

I hope you like my art and that it contributes to meaningful dialogues.

Want to know more? Just send an Email or text me on +47 4662 0909.

Or simply call me.

I will be happy to ship any orders to art lovers both in Norway and abroad. It works fine!




For the love of colours

My studio was finished in 2020 at the same time as the pandemic struck. Luckily I managed to organize a safe vernissage and opening show for friends in June. I am very pleased with my studio as it has been built to my specifications - with an abundance of light and solar panels on the roof!

I am so happy you are visiting this site. Take a good look around and let me know if you have questions - or wish to take a closer look at my paintings. Orders will be shipped safely to you. I will inform you of the cost in advance.

All my paintings are acrylic on canvas. During the pandemic I was in a an abstract expressive mode. My art is now exploring the the intuitive and poetic. All depending on the theme and how the subject inspires me.

I do commissions if you have specific wishes to fulfill.

Very recently I have begun printing monotypes, which I find very exciting. I am also contemplating making quality prints of some of my paintings.

Atelier Roselin is both a website and a physical place you can visit. The studio is my place of work and can be untidy when I'm in the creative process. 

So you may find it useful to text me or call me beforehand if you want to pay a visit! 



These days I stroll down to my studio in my garden - to my work - and pleasure! I have loved art all my life. I grew up with a mother who was an artist: TORDIS DELERUD ANDERSEN I was inspired by her skills and professionalism.

In my worklife I was employed full time as communications and information officer for about 40 years (see my facebook profile). During these years art was a passion,

but I was always yearning to do more of my own work. 

During this time I took further education at college and university in Norway, England and Germany, where I went to an art school.

Coupled with 40 years of work experience and education in the field of communication, arts and crafts I am now finally able to devote

100 per cent of my time to the love of art.

I am finally living the dream.

What do I want to achieve with my art?

If I can stir emotions and stimulate the mind of my audience, I have achieved something worthwhile. Art is born in the meeting between the image and the viewer. I call this communication.

Important themes: 
Nature and the environment - and justice for all living things.


Quality is the key ...

I only use high-quality products when I create art.  I prefer Amsterdam acrylics and get my supplies at Linda's shop

(called L-design) based at Øvre Langgate in Tønsberg, Norway (Phone + 47 412 82 615). 

Linda of L-design is herself an artist and offers a number of creative courses. Check out her website:

Here below you will see some of the services I am able to provide:



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Original paintings



Pieces can be collected on demand, or shipped as agreed in each case. Advance pricing and payment.

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Come for a visit!

Feel free to make an appointment if you would like to visit my studio! 
My opening hours are very flexible. Give me a call on my mobile +47 46 62 09 09.

News of my shows are to be found in my local newspaper and on art websites in this area.

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