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Busy arty spring ahead!

This will be a booster-oriented spring season for me after a rather dreary cold winter.

It all starts this coming week when Nøtterøy Kunstforum (Nøtterøy Art Forum) assembles for its annual meeting. Plans for the year to come willl be on the agenda. Exciting!

Easter will be spent in Provence, France, for art and relaxation. I will focus on monoprinting, simply because it's quite addictive, I find!

On 30 May I will go to Italy, to Villa Faraldi, to study and paint in beautiful surroundings - trying to absorb the vibes of some of the renowned Norwegian artists that worked and lived there.

That will be fantastic!

I will bring my work home with me, of course, so that friends can come by and view them in my studio/gallery.

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